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Wedge Wire Auger / Conveyor Drain Screens


Curved (rolled) wedge wire screen  is utilized as conveyor and auger screening media in
 dewatering  applications.  Wedge wire conveyor / auger screens usually have axial wires
 and are half cylinders.  Other configurations are also produced. 


180 degree drain screen


Blossom Hill Winery


U shaped auger screen

Photo courtesy of Orthman Conveying Systems.


Example of Wedge Wire Conveyor Drain Screen description:
13" ID x 180 degrees x 60" long (overall)
93V wedgewire on 3/8" diameter support rods at about 2 1/2" centers
.060" nominal slot openings
minimum wire overhang on both ends
3/16" x 1" x 60" side frames (2)
3/16" x 1" x 180 degree end frames
all 304 stainless steel 

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