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Lauter Tun Wedge Wire Screen False Bottoms 

Lauter Tun vessels are used in the craft beer brewing process between the mash tun and
the brew kettle.  The lauter tun separates the barley husks from the clear liquid wort. The
barley husks provide a natural filter bed through which the wort is strained and drains out
of the lauter tun as a clear liquid.

Photo courtesy of  Metalcraft Fabrication LLC.

False bottom screens can be constructed using round support rods or rectangular support rods.

Wedgewire screen with round support rods.
Wedgewire screen with rectangular support rods.

Wedge wire screen is the preferred false bottom for lauter tun tanks in many breweries.
The stainless steel wedge wire screen can be made in sections to fit through any
man-way.  Typically, the wedge wire false bottom screen has .030" slot openings to
hold back the solids and allow liquid to pass through. 


Example of Lauter Tun Wedge Wire Screen False Bottom description:
59 3/4" OD made in 4 sections
93V wedgewire on 1/8" x 7/8" support rods at 2" centers
.030" nominal slot openings
3/16" x 1" banding around each section
all 304 stainless steel 



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