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Wedgewire Cross-Flow Sieve Panels

    The dewatering capacity of a wedge wire cross flow sieve bend screen is
primarily influenced by the screen width, the slot opening, and the wire
size (width).  Installation angle, feed velocity and uniform distribution across
the screen  are also very important.

Photo courtesy of ClearBlu Environmental.

Screening efficiency and solids capacity are directly related to the length. Longer
lengths should  be considered for feed containing a high percentage of solids.

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The dewatering capacity of flat cross flow dewatering screens can be greatly
increased by tilting the wedge wires.   The wedge wires are tilted 2 to 7 degrees
depending on the  wire size  and slot opening.

The effective range of slot openings for a gravity-fed cross- flow screens is
generally considered to be .015" to 1/8".  

The installation angle of a flat cross-flow screen is  usually 60  to 70 degrees
from the  horizon.  The  point of size separation for this installation angle
is approximately 50% of the slot opening size.

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